the fbi and the cia have been unable to comprehend basic writings of mine, instead thinking it means the opposite, so unfortunately i'll have to ask you and your co-workers, to block my website from being accessed from any employee there. this includes officials at the university of california, who are still confused, with their student bodies exhibits<this is not private, but it doesn't get read correctly (reiterated because abuse differences) you are all hostages? don't be so easy on yourselves, i am not yours, go listen to puffy, it's for thugs, innocents, and geniuses

as you raped me today, because that what stupid people do, and with their families, it's just too stupid


and i told you to stop kind of situation not for kids these are adults, just humdrum adults, trying to interfere and steal my work and ideas and colors and joys and make them theirs just like stamping on it really odd behavior they weren't that smart at 21 just crazy scary so they're the same, just dumber

if you can can you tell gavin newsom to leave me alone and joe biden they're not intelligent along with all proud boys and girls and alt-right activists, no one is it's just making sense, they're incredibly dumb

so if you can contact their parents? i don't know, well, this is my webpage, what are you doing, weirdos

vincent was theo. he did art under a pseudonym. this is earth-shattering. it is so; vincent was a deranged individual, hospitalized numerous times, his partners knew of a way out, it was through a fake art dealer, who said let's go there, and save the art, and not he? thus, vincent did much, but very little is known of theo, who knew if art meant something it meant a lot and if artlessness meant something, it meant this; i have a power, to know, why this wasn't so, an art dealer, with an unknown name, is a person without fame, yet the other, the others, knew he, of course, as that art, to say the least, was unpopular, but never sold, so there is more, hidden with more names, so it's a collectively bad decision, one which invoked lots of authorities, including coroner, to say vincent was a man, not a myth, so if he wasn't mythically creative, depressed, and manic, he would have become variously ill; so he often abused people and others, isn't true, however certain men do, who abuse their perceived slaves, and often and willfully, trying differently to achieve the same end, hospitalize and rid of those who don't befriend, so few friendships, yet a lot of lovers, many of whom would have loved him, as he was very handsome, the person in the pictures, is not a narcissist, as selfies

1. hate others.

2. are perceived.

3. self-perceptions.

4. do not have self-perceptions know who is the owner.

5. a self-perception is the perception of others.

6. others aren't perceivedly looking at another, only the selves.

7. the selves involved are not the others, so in doing so, there was a degree of manipulation.

7-1. manipulation of fabric

7-2. manipulation of money

7-3. manipulation of the moneyed sorts, typically, but here the manipulation of colors, doesn't express mania of course, nor depression of course, merely hyperthymia

7-4. manipulation of heartful sorts, namely those within other arts communities, so to speak, philosophy and math, who know how to, based on dialect and texture and condition, suggesting a deep interplay of depression wasn't prevalent, but of an understanding of prevalence, the prevalence of mania is extremely low, and means thinking godlike things, it's really an understanding of vincent never going that far

8. his abilities were superhuman, not really, he's not that great, it looks collaborative

9. he had money, as he had kits, and which kind of sibling provides this, and saying so it appears that he often contributed to other works? no, but he had a good perception of what was current, interpolating colors and also the colored, never appeared, suggesting a deep connection to kindness, so mania is not prevalent, though depression is, based in his history, i would say a light cyclothymia, as is normal


1. his clothing is often extremely jocular, and very british

2. such is typical they say, but not really; it incorporates elements of old-high behaviors, and old-near loves, so to say often and willfully using the strongest colors, blues and reds, without wearing them; i'd say the green is never a pistachio, but always pistachiod, differentlly hued, so the lighter the pastel, the darker the brushstroke, and when he did so, he wore three things; trousers, belts never seen, to compare hat size, would be important, and one key item rarely discussed, his affinity for and without to say a person worth money would wear, ties, and clothing of significance, always, i wouldn't wear rags now, to say 

2-1. keyholes

2-2. keyholed hatred

2-3. a key of hatred, of, and to say for a color never known purple

purpled shirts, and velvet suits are very expensive, so when he shopped for it, giving it to the poor, did he impoverish others, to know the source,

1. hatred

2. not hatred's companion jealousy, and his jealous lover, was always an actualized aim

3. so the hatred's is not mine

4. it's theirs to steal

5. a win of hate

6. thus, i won to hate you vince, theo never said, only wanted to

7. it's an argument that you might like; i make to know, and know to make, but know how to make, so as he was self-made he knew how to make different things

8. stupidity and anger, never, only calmness and peace, in his works, so strange was his self-belief to others, who

9. were, not to be had, were often strange, too

10. and always accustomed to hatred

11. such hatred isn't right, nor is theirs of he, parenting to see the boy was always that small

12. however, theo grew tall, away from us all,

13. similarly, if i never did know, then i wouldn't have knew, such people are knew to new, and when you knowingly want, it's strange; his supplications led to a priesthood that somehow never became, so as he roamed as a manic street preacher song would say, "

14. i have a dollar, for a prayer, and to get an indulgence, sell me your dollar." lol art joke

~people who wear, always do\

1. the color blue

2. the color of truth is white

3. the color of lie is red

4. the color of a skin is pitch dark