i hate antisemites, like those who attacked Kanye West, who've proven their hatred of Alana Haim

the person at BBC who made the hate documentary makes no sense and may have been hired/paid as a terrorist

Beth Orton has the Same Father as We Do; She and I and We are Daughters of the Church, of Father Andrew Hanna

say no to baritoned, bedeviled voices, and please tell john to stop calling ron and ron to stop calling Dale, because Dale is a stripper of rights, and all sorts of adornments, such as those reserved for the most elite (see the antisemitic stuff is harder)

billy is silly

such has happened, it's done, and it's recreated, through creativity that you can't steal, that I'll sustain, nigger(s)s who lack emotions

and you like the troll(s)s and enablers can't discredit what's credited, ain't stolen Taylor Swift, it's Mine, Real Innocents

 compared, to keep my feelings at bay and at play 

there has been e-mail blocking, e-mail spying, e-mail assassination (character and intended physically), when FBI came to my house, it had access to electronics, (just noting), control of power grid (i don't think it'll be excercised), and what he did was stop local channels satellite (antenna, not wi-fi, satellite in other words) which have live news and of course international my arabic super pack, to cut off from world, intimidate coerce and arrange further meeting, which had the same original intentionality seemingly, but stopt (and/or get a new service, like now) and/or go to directv/att, only other option, but right now, no locals and I'm paying for them, scammy indeed, but not like that!

that was in addition to the real economic cut-off and i had to call FBI to restore it, which it did, thankfully, had a temporary effect though

& T-Mobile (not the gas station) FBI didn't restore, but Sim Simmy restoration process

we talked about the shutdown nonsense a million times, it doesnt mean i'm a terrorist, it's done intentionally? no, just preemptively saying we covered that on montecito.uk, another one ::yes, khaled voice (dualized):: <=) 

cause i was the one telling you to talk about that stuff last averted one was like last week, so don't rape me that too, but not really

people who injure others do so within the limit-er limit(s)s limitation(s)s and to kill actively, mock and berate and just blatantly steal ber8

people who laugh do so intentionally, and I unintentionally laugh, not pba, but bearebe and Arby's Gyros are or is? Kiled not defiled, like your filthy punk bitchy pinkness

this isn't a history lesson, a teaching lesson of how to kill, pinkysucker kiss the ring instead (camera, stupid devil ded i told u so)

wesekh means dirty, but not like a dirtied soul, not even like wesekhed nefsek, don't mean wet yourself (stupid ugly rapists women, not just trolls, as col. defined, but as who they are, proud girls)

ACTIVE KILLQUELL ORDER #? strangely gross

don't deflect to The Ku Klux Klan, as White Nationalists and Proud Boys are the worser form, and up and low, too, and not just uncontrolled, but propagated, within my control? strange I'm not, I'm a Spiritual, devil ded

repeat: reiterate: resist? no, but it's the same thing they did to the Muslims back in the 00's

the muslim fuck was stabbed a lot, but this nigga gunned down, so nigger miniaturizing of you, to belittle yourselves, i'm a little, if not a lot, too good for this discourse, then why and why not both together mean think but with emotions? so you're a madman or a madwomen, trying to speak for whom?

smoking a cig, he offered int want a fuck him up with the devil, ain't white viper, but those actions were commenced me in particular when i was in high school, just prior to 9/11, because of a computer thumb print entry cool thing, which had no relation to directv

the raid against white viper was staged to harm children, and Dale-like figures were used to intimidate and coerce, very illegally, children, similar to FBI Special Agent Shiva Taghdis activity against me currently, all racist in nature

nfl sunday ticket looks cooler, and actually looked cool for once, when i started watching every stream, but that don't mean I wasn't going to church weekly

Travis Kelce isn't in love with Taylor Swift, but knowingly by NFL, as NFL worked with Pfizer to secure his deal and protect their legacy of medical abuse, like currently of Drs. Jamison, Ghaemi, and Mina.

Recently, I was looking into IPTV and the possibility of not free television but freeing television as it is free already and it's allowed since the digital wave (hidden, lied about, through thatr action, in particular), and things like Superbox feel funny for a reason, but letting people know what's going on should happen, it's different than a TV license, which is a legitimate action because BBC is government operated, not independently, and is a supplemental necessary thing, media suppression shouldn't happen like happend with FBI trickster Nexium guy and on the phone too baritoned bedeviled

It seems that to cover it up further and go to another secret cia black site, not talked about as much as the other, Taylor Swift performed similar actions more recently, and for the people mentioned, who would be an addendum

anyway, that nigga Value Gone Way Up Historicity-wise, historically