i don't really care if you read what i do here. it's kind of a means of self-preservation and poetry. i'm learning how to be poetic online. it's a new thing for me.

i bought these domains for some absurdly cheap price not to make money via advertisements or selling you a product.

i do it for art, whatever that means.

it's mainly a way to learn how the mind works. i'm a person who studies the mind. 

i'm trying to learn how to prevent the Devil.

Right now, the Devil is most prominent in abusive relationships, parasocial and personal.

i want everyone to know that i love you. i care and i'm always around. it's not a good thing to make fun of other people. it's petulant behavior. it makes you look stupid at the end of the day.

just be good people, and i want the best for all of you.

hopefully, i'll see you in Heaven later?

crazy people, there are billions of people in the world. you'll see yourselves first, hopefully. then hopefully God.

There is no hope in hurting others.

you'll just achieve power or a minor or major degree of fame. but it's really infamy later. you won't be judged well by God or society's thoughtful people.

i care. believe me. i do.

But you know who cares much, much more? Your Creator

He's there for you if you need to talk

be fucking careful. don't go overboard with that shit.

but don't dismiss it either.

it's life's whole thing. don't lie and be scary people

but yeah don't get involved in a one-way relationship with someone you don't know. lol. this person hurt one person. isn't that enough. stop hoping and chasing waterfalls

good luck and i'm just some random dork for real. be nice and friendly, and listen to your parents. they're always there for you, even if you don't care

anyone seeing this? hopefully. take good care now.

financial abuse is scary. these abusers trick you. they con you. then they throw you to the wind.

donations trick and seduce. it's a power play. it's a way of tricking the world. it's how power is established

sorry to inform your weird highness, but seducing and abusing with money is how people lose their ability to survive

forgive and forget! karma is not a god, silly. it's ugly, and you shouldn't seek revenge on people who seek forgiveness, it's bigger than it seems. it's about loving life and not abusing others for pleasure callously, and seeking attention over avoiding it. no yeezy fan became antisemitic. none. people are centralizing a narcissist. without knowing. narcissists don't get pushback. they get loved. and that's bad. it leads to abuse. people don't know when they're being abused sometimes. it's not that you're stupid. you're not. it's just that they're immoral. it's not that you're evil. it's that they know your vulnerabilities, exactly which wounds to puncture to seem heroic and win over your attention

a narcissist does not proclaim Hitler's name in this day and age. because that would make him lose credibility. it would kill adulation, the narcissist's entire objective.

by the way, mental illness only causes such aberrant thinking in extremely rare instances. so do think of reasons. maybe there's something you're missing. think independently. the media is run by a few major corporations, and most people who enter the journalistic fields like hearing themselves talk. the sources are limited. make up your own minds. it's more fun.

do be careful

just a primer on abuse.

not me. i'm cool.

i do this for others.

not to win awards, but because i feel spiritually obligated to.

watch out for those devoid of spirituality. spirituality leads to morals. avoiding immoral people is a good aim, becaue they'll burn you, without your knowing. 

be happy. narcissists are not happy people. avoid them.

if you want to be happy, look for those who don't seem to care as much about getting to the top, the selfless and unafraid

but most of all put yourselves first, i think, yeah? 

this celebrity idolization is pretty bad. you don't know them personally. it's just a projected image. the real person is someone you don't know, not a neatly packaged item. 

you have to find real friends. the celebrity world is chasing something imaginary. you'll find hope. 

atheism is weird. it is not normal. you're not smarter than all the philosophers and geniuses who believed in God before you. it's a big thing. so be careful in your spiritual choices. thank You and you for listening (if you did!)

i'm just a thinker. if you need advice professionally, there are some people who can help. but they're just reading the same books you can. a lot of people who say they help just hurt you. they pretend and win you over. it's like a bully in school. what occupation would a shrewd bully enter? something with money. something where you can seem angelic. these people aren't watched over. it's kind of pathetic. so they can get away with harming you and feeling like a successful person afterwards and seeming omniscient afterwards. Helpers can kill. It's a fact. They're supported by organizations. Big ones. That can make you look stupid for even suggesting things. 

In cases of emotional abuse, there are only a few things to do. Who enters the narcissistic abuse field anyway? That seems really scary. So do be careful whose advice you take. Find people who've been through the same. They'll be the ones to help you.

Some people, the worst, make you think you're the devil for seeming strong when fighting back. They minimize your existence and steal your heart nonchalantly. You'll be gone for fighting back.

Others will loudly proclaim their heroism. They'll win no matter what. They have institutions on their side, noted for their narcissism themselves: police and people in power. It's best to simply walk away in these situations. Feeling and recognizing your emotions is important, and not something you should feel guilty about afterwards. Feeling guilty about expressing yourselves is a happy trick the devil plays, and you'll seem like someone who is crazy. part of the abuse, too. 

Surviving toxic persons is hard. You have to be on guard always. You'll seem crazy. You'll seem weak. You'll seem like someone who doesn't have self-respect. You'll not be able to express yourself. You'll be harmed necessarily.

You'll have tor run away and flee into yourselves, others can be a pillow. Don't let abusers win. It's not self-respectful. It's a means of making you feel small and powerless. You have to know when to tell someone to stop, but more importantly how. An abuser can kill you. They can take away all of your health instantly. I say this because that person is still around after so many years, and I barely spoke to that person.

Writing and achieving fame literarily is difficult to do. It doesn't give you credence automatically. So that's not an excuse. 

Religious institutions can't be you for you. Some will laugh at you for not seeking God right away, they say, and using Him only. Well, they are narcisssists some of these people, many of them. They seem like heroes. But they actually rob you of your hearts violently, many. Aware or not, it can be brutal. So do survive. And do fight back.

Find the best people. 

But most of all, find yourselves.

The worst person is the serpent. This one will steal your ambitions without your knowing or your intentionality. You can run into their popular arms, only to be crushed later because you weren't careful enough. Someone can steal your identity this way. Watch out for the serpent. The serpent hisses while you scream. It's violent abuse. You have to flee. You have no choice!

One person can kill your ambitions and make them their soul. You will not notice.

This person is skilled at hurting others. You have no dignity left. You will be robbed of your hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

this is just financial abuse. she'll throw you her dollars to make you a slave to them, although you made them. she'll tear you apart with them and make you miserable because you can't fight back like that. this is really, really hurtful and disturbing. i am not affected personally, well we all are. but some people have no money. and she cowardly kills their income. some people are under the federal poverty line. let them fucking live. you scary person, how much is enough. your metacritic scores are paltry for Reputation. it means you don't have that much talent, either, in my opinion. just keep on deceiving...a lot of the people who write that you're the greatest are the same...some are deceived, some aren't. we just keep on going. how are you miss fiona apple? is everything good and safe

stop playing the victim happy one, there are real ones who know real struggles, don't steal their abuse to be them sicko

abusers say they're being abused so they can abuse u

aggression and financial abuse by proxy. do you care about mental health and bullying?

this still ur jets? yours is the operative word