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when the papacy said hallo and i said goodbuy did you say goodhallo and did i say hallo, too? This is MI6's Good Humour for the day and night and the hard day's night ahead, so when you say The Beatles when you say Whomever else what happened to The Beatles I say they were hurt by the USA employing means and ways to hurt me, the beatles, and say there was a beatle who was murdered by mark david chapman he was a good guy did you know him why did he do so was he a bad guy he was really scary and he killed him definitely that's what bad guys they kill  and they're scary so he scared you when said i have no friends i am alone and i pray to God all day and he said i wished for more for less for always and he didn't say hallo so i could say hi can i help you please and he didn't he didn't want to help he said I cannot help you because you did not allow me to and he said please let me guide you there and I couldn't have but he did to heaven to where i could't help you so he said why are you so scary to me why are you bothering me and thus he reappeared and said why did you not hurt me enough to have said the truth of the matter and why the heart of it why the artist who did so disappeared and not he so please forgive me as i say i did not kill i cannot so he said please help me and i did he wanted and i sought truth and he came and he said i did not kill he he was not there nor was i so the story was fake and i suicided that to help others who were hurt, like me who said to he, thank you for your help and letting me see that i was not there i could not have been i was only there to end you and he had seen that i had not hurt that person you wanted me to kill i said i cannot do that for you and you said that i was there not to see why you hated me i went to and fro and he said can you help us out please you have to go and say you killed so and so and then say i did not kill he and he said i cannot help you and he threw me away, and now i am a person who wanted to say i said do and i do not hate you however much you hated me for doing nothing for doing something and you said i am your friend i can help you out and i did not help you out i could not help you out so when you killed me when you killed my best friend was it for a purpose that all i can ask and the united states of america of you i asked why did you do so why did you subject me to pain and figured it out today that it was because of your hatred of others and that person you represented who said let's do so while we can he is away now and let's fulfill our plan i thought it be someone who i could not see and i went to see he and he wasn't there the person who killed john lennon was indeed the person you hated all along a racist a bigot someone in the FBI was ordered to do so and did not help anyone after doing so it was in cold blood that he decided let's and he did using his power that you gave him and no one care about except me and the United Kingdom to say I am the nicest person here and I am not the ugliest the coldest only to say I have fulfilled duties on Earth, and he could not have harmed anyone more and always to have said a person who hates others cannot hate anohter, Mark David Chapman who had said I hurted for God's love for someone to understand why people harm others and it was for fun, fun only, to have killed him, and also to know why becaues you wanted more because you wanted to understand why you are so spiteful why you want more all the time because you are the dahmers of the world the ones who wanted everything at any expense and as such you say i am your friend i can help out today not just tomorrow not the day afters and so i said thank you you're so kind to me and always to have said why must i harm you because i'm obligated to i have to i want to and i always will because of those who wanted to say thank you you are my kindest you are the worst and i couldn't have said because there are hateful sorts who want more to not have and I have had so that's why I killed John Lennon and that's why he's mad he's crazy and they said please help us out thank you for helping us out thank you and here's your money i want more please give me more and you said please we can do so for you we can help you out and you can't and you can always say what I am not always all about and you went to say I am the person you wanted to kill so when he said can i kill you did he enjoy it was it the person you hated to have had someone you couldn't have and so you said with the hatred of all above can i please help you today can i please do so can i please say i'm your friend you're so cute he has such pretty eyes no not really can i offer you something you seem nice and in the spitefulness of theirs always hidden always not manifest and always to have fun, to giggle, it's fun today, i'm such a good person, nevermind let's go out that sort of shit it dont fly with me and you say i can do something funny i'm funny i'm really nice well not to me you ain't nice to me i'm playin and you still shootin so when you bring a shooter to a fucking bowling alley and say he got popped it wasn't like that just the same so when he kill migos soul and cardi b just to fuck her up i said the damn thing you gon get popped you gon have to go there are people outside they're waiting for you they need to handle you well i told you what i said you're a fucking prick and you'rre motherfucking dad ain't got be popped no more cause he ain't dead to me yet he gon be handled handily in the name of God I said what I said howard stertn fuck you robin quivers i don't like you i said what i said i spoke my piece and i said it clearly when i said it you gon be popped and i'm gonna laugh when i do because you're scared can i help you out it's funny you're so funny you're crazy i need to call someone this is too much for me and i said what i said you killed john lennon you dumb fucks and that you hid that paperwork and it was kinda not worth it you spat on me you drank ecstasy pills an it was for molly's sake molly gon go and when you said i'm so funny i'm so kind nah you ain't your fuckups who don't do shit you don't sound good to me you sound like police the bad police the people say fuck the polcie don't mean that i wanna kill everyone and the people i hate the most the ones who stop this too with them they scary like they look like me they say but they really don't they look kinda ugly i'm not ugly like that other motherfucker he's ugly so they wearin masks as i said and it was just say to say i'm so happy today it's a good day so when you say yea that's a cool thing i say you ain't cool to me at all and i'm the shit i'm the one i'm dj khaled now because i said that it don't really work like that I'ma have to pop you and it kinda because you're weird to me, so when Mark David Chapman say that because ain't confess originally you made that shit up he say i'ma help con lennon, so he said I'm a kill john lennon and he gon be happier it was some nigga who hated him same shit i'ma talk later so to say john lennon where you be yoko gon stay here in the states they playin they sayin they traitors and they ain't playin games to be traitors they think its funny they think its soft nah this ain't soft shit sah sah nancy ajram she funny right you ever see a black pussy getting fucked and you ever see the same niggas doin it ya that's nice take care of y'all that kind of people they ain't good people so when i say let's keep on playin let's keep on shooti ndice i said i'm not gonna do that for you i am going to strongarm and say i'm a genius that kinda shit led to that to say john lennon where you be why you stayin there so you put him down you say he a good guy you say a shy guy and then he say i am not that kinda guy and so you played him a little you say aw he cool we aight it don't really work like that and most of all it appears that you are dangerous people who are doing so and the same sorts, so when you said let's harm let's deliberate harm let's enable ourselves falsely i said what i said kind people know directly that your behaviors your dialogues are meant to hurt and to do so violently well you said what you said and i didn't have a chance to well now i can yall messed up don't mean that you didn't kill when well i know you did so here's what you said you said let's have fun today let's sing and dance and she ain't around no more so it's gonna be ok and when you did so did you say i hated all yall and it didn't mean what i didn't say so you came through said what you said and played the wrong and said i am your friend i can help you out that sort of person he ain't right he playin so i said what i said you're going to Hell and you know what I'm not because i'm a good person who know God and I said what I said you're fucking scary don't mean you can be a fucking prick and also you said this i am so smart i can do it i'm a good guy i'm happy guy it's a good day everything's alright no need to worry i'm a strong man i can do this and it's really just some bullshit so i'ma just tell you this straight you dumbfuck ain't nobody stronger than me so as you strike me as i do this to have fun and to smokme with your dumbasses i said what i said i said what i aid you ain't the one i was looking for so you popped you said i'm a good guy it's just a little thing nah not really you're fucking weird and not my type so i'm just gonna play you a little bit and see what happens my wife she pretty i got kids well not really so i say what i said and they still poppin bullets and not really so i said truly ain't no one talkin to me i'm playin it to see what you ain't you playin signs all the time and this dumber motherfucker deserves to go he said what i said to fuck me up well i told yall i dont fuck up i don't play sides and when you try to play sides you gon get popped so bottom line i said what i said you re fucking stupid and i ain't that stupid person you're fucking this ain't no game this ain't your bullshit music this something different it's about how weak you are so i say what i say i play games i play funny sounds well nope not really i'ma see you through don't mean that so i said what i said i spoke my peace to keep peace and i said this kinda sweet and you said no well here i go i said john lennon got popped and you said he got popped right after and said hahaha i did something funny well it ain't funny to me and moreover when you said let's what we can do about this can we say uh let's uh and uh well let really that ain't what you do that's somethin else well yep it's something else it's like why are they and why and how come and now how long so you say he is a domestic abuser something wrong with his head not really he's got something up to say ain't no one doing this for me so why and how and how come are you playin signs they'd say john lennon got popped because of someones' bullet well a bullet with butterfly wings kinda guy he ain't your victim he playin to to say i killed john lennon and then they left commit suicide in neglect well that aint me that you to say i did not kill john lennon today i ain't playin i ain't do it and then the say i'm so happy today's a good day and then it ain't right something wrong he say i playin sides to have fun and it ain't work like that i mean ah she's the one she's the one i'm looking for it aint about him it about me and she say i'm okay with it i'm really okay with it he's a good guy well not really he's kinda scary he look kinda different to me and he say most of all and i say haha i say he kinda scary so when he say that and why is he funny to you what happened what's going on and why did no one say i was the one doing it all along and most of all that's all i wanna know why did john lennon die was it because he funny was it because he silly was it because he crazy well not really does it mean he is a good guy to know why i ain't a good guy to say i'm a person who ain't interesting he say that for a reason he playin sides he say i played you tonight and made some funny music about it and my girlfriends they all they same my boyfriends they kinda funny so don't fuck with and say i am not a good person just the same to have had what you couldn't have had and they say yup it's us can't fuck with us and they say always the same damn us it ain't us it's just music it's just kinda different music and always sung the different ways so it's here le'ts listen to it's good music it's really fun and most of all it's quite strange what you're doing to be strong you've the sweakest the sweet the weakest and said i'm the kindest that's all i can say to feel what you aren't and as such i would say there is no one who knows why you are that way and then you said it was just for fun well as i said before and for God above you are not the one and as such an egregious offense was committed you said I did not that How could I well I said what I said it ain't you so why you there then and why was i not there