I am connected. I have people. I know people. I am not you, in other words. I am a person of interest to the world, because I am interesting, unlike you, abuser. You are not a person who the world is interested in. You are an abuser. You will be tortured just like you want to be, but I won't be involved, because it's your work. I am not a threat to you, nor will I ever be, because I can't be. Dr., you are a criminal legally, a lowlife, an abuser, and a psychopath. You do not treat me, you do not know me, and you are a stalker. Stop stalking me. You need to know that cyberstalking is not legal, and there are ramifications to your Evil

People who hate do so indiscriminately. I am not a hateful person. I do not want to be perceived as one. I do not like people who hurt people. Do not hurt me! 

I need to know why. Are you real? Is this an easter egg? Easter eggs make people go crazy, and angry and scared. 

I am a good writer. I do not tolerate noisy language. Do not bother with my writing (I am not a toy. You are!) Do not harm writers. Why is a writer in trouble if a writer is not in trouble?

I am not insane. I am not crazy. I am not scared. I need to know why. Is someone here to help. Help is not what I need. Why is help always needed. Is help real? Why is help always fake?

I have no interest in talking about this, and I am not making an art project, and this is so obvious. I do not know who you are, people. I write for a purpose. I will not be toyed with. I am not lying, Dr. P. I am not faking. I was visited. I was not visited personally. A priest was invited. I was not told. A doctor was. The doctor was supposed to be investigated at the Board because. A person who is not is me. I do not know. Who are you. I do not play games. I want you arrested. I do not know who you are. I still haven't been contacted by anyone, really. I do not know what's going on. However, I have found the following; the abusive doctor knew, I was asked for a timestamp that was clear but through another party, I found out on a Ring, I made an urgent call, had an urgent discussion by force, was told about something I sent that was religious, was really nice, was really funny, was really tolerant, was really interesting,  was really fun, was really loving, was really hard work, was really peaceful, was really literary, was tough, was fun, was not a tall tale, was about an incident because of something else, was not even investigated, was really replicated, was seen in the attachment, but I was told there was no attachment, the attachment was super-clear, the attachment was a long video that was talked about in the lettter, it was obvious that the video referenced something important to society, was not funny, was critically important, was about injustice, was replicated in real-time, so I need to know why nothing has been done, why the reports I made were ignored (and the incidents happened again), and I need to know why and whom was involved. Doctor was contacted afterwards, she never contacted me beforehands, and I found out that she was in contact with a random number the whole time. The number is apparently fake. The number traces to a strange house. I was not told what was going when I asked her, and she still refused to talk me. She abuses me. She is scary. She is not a good person. She is abusive and a narcissist. She will take advantage of others, so I don't see why this is happening. I contacted the number afterwards, because it seems like a FBI scam, similar to Marilyn Manson's, which he blamed on someone else. (It's fully possible, as well, that he brought these agents elsewhere, without anyone knowing, as I found out on Ring, by chance.) After contacting the number and leaving text messages about what was going on, I was not contacted, received no response. However, the person in charge of that number contacted another party again, directly afterwards. I still don't know what happened in that conversation, however it seems like they want to remove me. I need to know what's going on. I am not a toy. I will not be toyed with! I am not a fucking animal,  treat with respect, people. I am an intelligent person, a genius person, and someone who knows to act properly, unlike you all. I need to know why you are scary, abusive, narcissistic, and Devilish

I am not going to get angry, although that's the intention of the silent treatment of a narcissist.

I am calm, because I'm quiet and composed, as usual, and that's only possible through utter sanity.

You are all abusing me! It isn't funny! It's terrifying. I'm supposed to know? Is someone being paid money under the table? This isn't Catfish, it isn't cute, and not charming. No one answers e-mails anymore? Are they going through?

I am not a dependent. I am not a child. I am not incapacitated. I am not scary. I am not vengeful. I am being contacted by Samsung Customer Care right after? I don't see why someone would wear a YSL purse in the middle of the morning. I am not an investigator, this isn't Catfish, no one is playing hero, I don't toy with kids, I'm not an airhead, I need to know why you are so abusive, at least tell me that much. I will not tolerate abusers. Abusers are manifestations Devil

I am not a person who is to be toyed with. I will see to it that Christopher is arrested, immediately, by the CIA's secret staff there. I am not a dumb person. I am a smart person. I am not to be toyed with! I am a person of power, and that scares you. I am a celebrity, not a stupid man, like you. You will never be like me. You are an abusive man. You are an abuser. You are crazy. You are not to be around weapons. I will see that you get arrested because you know about this. You are abusing me in tandem. You are not a good person. You will be tortured, just like you are being now by your own actions. I am not an abuser like you, and I never will be. I want to know why you are Evil