these are the anti-women

enabled by their devil parents

they rape women

they laugh about it

they cry about it

they want to be helpful about it

but cannot and will not help Me, Help Them

those who stand in the way, raping and laughing so violently and scarily, not our friends, never contacting me

so this is not the end, it's the beginning you dramatic devils

trying to help yourselves to me

lick kiss torture fuck kill now

i hate you your not me, you are disugstingly violent tortuous like your devil parental unit, reading to help yourselves, then pretend to be victims?


you little barbie bitches and ken dolls, i'll remove your legs off you, just the same, plastic pieces of shit

satanist parents if they rear their children will necessarily produce Satans? the abortion supporters and skewing numbers just the same way to persecute The Holy Church