fuck this shit

they're fucking weird

i guess it's cause active po on pill dive and power strangely

anyway, that bitch is still trying it, meaning she is doing ai on the pedophile low for the pedophile highs fucking scary, and i don't mess with racists i told you they ugly they make me feel sick, vomit, lip game of witches is all satanic racism

the other marilyn may be an idiot-savant, but iq and eq combine to make gq?

i got a glock strap in a few haunted houses

fucking weirdos

y'all straight devil, try to get me killed at secret cia site, jail do whatever the fuck they want

leslie jamison the bell tolls warning warning

still doing the mental incarceration, done with malcolm x, done no more

y'all traitors, the same motherfuckers who killed martin ltuher king jr

and i'm rambling mumble rapping right now

ne way why everyone ain't wipin their faces, this some toddler shit i think

why everyone stomping not like kirk, is it cause y'all stepping on niggas, or being territorial w Dale Hoskins and Lilit Pogosian MD

who worse though: a bitch who hates a nigga, or a nigga who kills the bitch who hates her nigg