I am currently being held hostage by the United States of America, by way of California, through its governor, and the medical board of california, who has deferred responsibility for my medical history and records to Lilit Pogosian MD, whom is abusing me in particular, and I've evaded and escaped so to speak, but not entirely, as there are vestiges of hatred left, particularly with and through CVS Pharmacy, holding a hostage, as it is a government entity, the situation is in the hands of MI6, and they are functioning as hostage negotiators, so deny third party contact, per usual, as the FBI has been trying hard to incarcerate me, so they've done, historically with me and through the APA and United States Medical Board, all gone, all functioning as hostage-takers to protect each other, against the United Kingdom, the United Nations does have hostage papers, as do certain partners, who have been trying to stop it in particular for me but it's not a blameshifting thing at this time, it's a long governmental operation, so please note familial, nonmedical involvement was and is necessary to negotiate the hostage crisis, as before, it's been how many. years irvine how many till you said I was a stalking suspect of three unindentified women still unknown