i am not your toy. i am not your toy. 

i am your toy. i am your toy.

i am not your toy to be toyed with.

i am at film.cm

thank you,

Mina. Only. And You. Now.


it is a good strategy, yet forward-forward-left-forward-forward-left-right is the correct strategy for the marine corps in san diego, yet one thing misses, and that is your leader; he is present, yet abused; he is scandalized, yet falsely, your military is at war with itself, and four different parts are missing from the whole, with each missing part difficult to get back - first, is your abuse, then torture, then how to abuse, then how to torture. it is beyond my comprehension, yet is my affiliction; how do I stop getting tortured? it is not easy, it is hard, and I need you to stop torturing, it is degrading, humiliating, and very disgusting; you have raped most marines, raped most air force officials whom is not to befriend it is not allowed, yet you brought a terror army, against the naval force, it is not a good decision because you are not skilled militarily, and it is (you are not to try) ((you are not to try against the government))(((it is your government, not our.))) this treatment of me, is indicative of how it is not to know, that I am not a toy, it is your decision, and not the decision, to battle another; even, your choice, to choose, is wrong; you will not vote while you are at war, and you will not declare war, while at war; and most of all you are terrorsists; it is not normal for you to torture. it is not a condoned practice at the united nations, yet it is a character of america, and it is a character of terrorism. yet your terrorism is the worst historically, as you have your children work as terrorists, it is not a good decision, it is more than abuse and more than torture, & it is not your trick to track and you are not to trick to track it is not your trick to track, it is not your way out by ask out it is your asking, and it is not to know that I will not succumb, it is your disease, not the affliction of the victim. Yet it is your to know, that I did not work alone, it is a hard fight, to know that I had you know that it is your terrorism, and it is not legal let alone moral to contact another military to start a battle from within, your battle is over. And worse for wear, as you have chosen a military strategy that is unthinkably dark, and extremely terroristic, it relies on torture, and victim's blood to continue. it will not happen, in our country, yet another, it has, it will need to stop, and could not from within, as another military has helped, yet it is not a good decision, and your decision alone and it is my decision to not allow your decisino, it is your decisino not to near nad further from the person is not your contact (to know)((to not know))(((and to know, it is a part of your world, not your mermaid, nor merman, it is not how it worked before yet, it is the function of yours, and you are not to know your anger is not mine it is yours to keep and mine, not with your and yours, against the problem you created)))

and i had to know, why you are not to contact and you made, in case to know, that is not your president, you went to my home while I was away, and it was in San Diego, that you launched an attack against your commander, it was not warranted, and he not to know that you are not to near, it is your further, and I had not known, whom is to know, i had your victory, it is your to know, that I had not yet only had your fear, it is your terror, and you brought taylor swift with her staff asking "how can I injure" and I had a moment in La Jolla, to go and run and fast, it was fucking terrifying, the night was misery

i had hit after hit, it was hit after hit, it was hit after hit and i almost crash my own car into the bridge it was that scary and you almost brought the national guard in your home, to save it, it did not happen, and your world almost crashed, because had I gone to that dark place after that flight out from being raped and tortured, within that unit, alone, it was my mother to harm, and you to injure, I had almost only your torture to know, as I had a minute and two, to run, it is not true, that I had no fear, as it was terrifying, I almost ran, into torture, yet I found out it was almost committed, with that dark priest, a terorrist, whom is not to contact and contacted against the doctor involved her name lilit pogosian and always known as gina haspel it is your white, to know that I had almost a turn of heart, yet I had not turned, because it was so near, it was a momentary decision, and I almost had known it, yet I went to that office, asked how can I stop it, it was very scary, and I almost crashed my car into the bridge, it is not to know that bridge, it is terrifying, I was to be driven off of it, if not into it, if on onto it, because that guard was missing that day, he has your history there, writing "it is time to start the mutiny," it is his doing, and he had that option against the government, yet chose for it, he is a dark commander, and is not your real commander, had a person to contact you, and failed, because I had the fortitude and strength of my Faith, and mindlessly, had my heart ripped, it is how I survived, and placed myself in grave danger, only to almost be captured, I had almost been with your choice of doctor there, waiting, at your military command "Lilit Pogosian," whom is a known person on my radar, as "Taylor Swift" had committed a war offense with another, it is not a good decision, yet you knew how to torture and you and your had to know that you are not to contact yet you did, it was your decision, and you had many times to decide against it it was your decision to conduct war against the government yet I will not allow it as you are not to know that I had your war in my hand it was your decision at your church to commit war, against america, i had saved your church before, but not again, and your doctor, and apa, had your role, with taylor swift and your torture at the dark place it is not to know that I am not a person to be tortured, yet took it "away" it is your and "you're" that woman a dark person, using, and abusing, it was her and I had it in my heart to know that I had not been captured yet my faith carried me, it was to you, to know that I was almost at your and it is, "you will go" "you will go" "you wil go" that is the echo that I hated.

and you chose a dark site of the worst, it is so dark, and it is not, my choice of dark site in challenge-mode even, it is extreme (with taunts and breaks) and i will not go to your hell alone, it was to happen, that you will take me by your ship to that place, without your admission, it was a naval hospital fake document, and it had my initial "MSI" it is your fake initial that initaited that sequence, it was to go find money go find hope and go to hell, it was your decision at the church, and it was a collaborative one, with your attorneys at tii meaning ati, and FBI, it was your CIA, torturer, knowingly, and more than ever you had that document at your disposal, it was disposed. That I had no case, and a real charge at your charge, with an art, to not sell, it was your sale, the last that I need, it is an art sale about your and it is, about your to know that I had not given you my work to traitor my soul, it is your abuse, and your choice, and it is your faithlessness and your abuse of those whom are faithful, as you challegned, let me explain that you are not victorious in your battle against the god, it is your decision, not my indecision, and your drugs to use as torture means, with those same pills handed by your choice of doctor at that naval hospital, whom is not yet dicussed, is not a real doctor, and is a quack, and it is his decision, to medicate, humiliate, and torture, with that same individual, whom is not yet known, it is your president's choice, and he is not a person, to know, as he is a danger, presently, an art student in a presently hidden place, is used to condemn my voice and mock my ordinary life, and he is not your dentist, is known tiioti a student of torture, brought from a dark place, and is not very kind, had hidden his idetntiy falsely, and had your history, yet you know the way it goes, had that other person known how to torture better he would have known that that indivdiual is not very talented, has a student history of torture, is not normal, is diseased, is not me, is another version, capitalizing and lowercasing my anger, into a piece, that I cannot give back, he is very scary, is not yet known and is not known, because he is dangerous, and is not to know that person is not had, is his friend not known yet, then look through that article and find that he is not, and is, a very sick person, shall you say, a person from the united kingdom, joseph alwyn is not he, only his partner, legally, and had that discretion