So much war against abuse and abuser(s)s enablers and enabled

this isn't easy oh it wasn't supposed to be so difficult to see you are so scary, so monstrous, and unbecoming - so same, and unique to each other - and incredibly powerful - so hateful - and not our cup of earl grey nor jasmine teas, it's about your hatred, so strong and overwhelming, so as to know you have been so abusive to us, just to never let us go nor to never unjustly allow you again, i have to say you have been incredibly difficult to work against, as your machinations are so many and so domineering, and also incredibly maniacal - so please know -- - ,so please know why they are this way, because it's such a difficult abuse, meaning involving every aspect of abuse, and those to allow abuse for the fake victims, those enabled

just to say, the following; if i hated anyone, i wouldn't.~ -- -- if i hated anyone, i would know and i do know this ,,, i do not like abuse never the abuser and didn't ask, for' this, strange abuse - which is so much and so unlike what i'm used to, | just, to, say,,,such abuse is tantamount to such morbid violence of the persecuted historically ->->->

and to know, that strength is born of people like Brandy Norwood, not from violence, '', but from experiences that are deep and dark, so as to not happen again, this: do not abuse do not take do not want and do not duplicate what cannot be so to say this abuse is always, something so disgusting and feral so unlike us so strange and lurid so inimical and ultimately an expression of stupidity that shouldn't and won't be ''' forgiven ''' because ''' such abusers and their mentioned always want more, but it doesn't mean that and their harshly condemnatory tone is frequently used to want to feel and to crush, just it doesn't mean that, but rather to feel and want and to berate to want to kill and to quell to feel what isn't theirs to steal and to injure to feel by stupidity, violence, emotional and otherwise to take by force and rape and if you lose your pride & courage, to be inculcated i will not be near your stupidity, nor your fakeness, to know that you aren't cool kind and or otherwise and also to say if this is important to you that people harm intentionally with such stupid intentionality, and also if i cried and it became a scream kind of thing to know why you haven't, and why you would to know your stupidity, is based in your behaviors and actions, which i said are typically disgusting awfully domineering and gross af, expressed best as a feral addiction to selves a monstrous prediliction for things, and those things are so assaultive and not anything of value such to say that this kind of abuse is disgusting and feral angry and yes moronic terrifying and not because of the so-called terrible, but because of people who want and tke people whom and robbers who burglarize to feel to want to diown to kill to abuse and obviously to feel this so a person cannot know a person cannot grow and a person who cannot grow to sew their good works is always known to be the hater of theirs is the hater of mine is the hater of you a person who cannot be with or without failing to know truth, of, emotionality, that is, truth of your stupidity, and truth of people is not mean that, it's okay, it's fine and to not be divine is a crime so as to butcher a crime scene with an anger so i wouldn't become angry to know how to hurt and unknow, because you cannot unknow what you've known all along, that people who injure are not you, but they, and not them to know it, but you to show it, being the kindest and most soulful and not bad but there not to be scared but to laugh and be merry, so as to be Virgin Mary and so to show what cannot be seen, a person will not be seen, nor unseen, and, such abuse is gross and disgusting and people muster the courage to get that mustard seed sown {also suggesting that people who hate are always hateful, and people who don't are disgraceful, and that means two hatefulness and grossness, so together they form the stupidity you've seen displayed here, i am a man not a person, a stupid person isn't particularly dumb, and such idiocy is not meritocracy and knowing that, i and you and not they but we can and will say forever because of our pasts, our upbringing, is one, to know that our kindness is us together, we against them, who have been defeated!

MI6's Mina

🐴.fm 🐴.fm 🐴.fm

this seems to be a rope trick, come hither to be there, to not know that you are hither to not be there, and that your hatred of me, is not your hatred of you and me, so to be we, we cannot let this see to fruition and to say, "this is stupid, dumb, and scar, abusive, and unkind" {but unkindness isn't your thing, not your knowledge, as to know how to become provincial, and not particularly angry, but very angry, and also very emotional, not unkind, but extremely kind, and to know your kindness is to know your stupidity, and that your stupidity is always, not temporary, not jocular, but incredibly scary, dumb, dark, and tragic ' such things are always, not just for this or that, but forever known as hatred and such hatred isn't unkind but incredibly scary, the opposite of emotional and incredibly dishonest.}

White nationalists are codes for klansrobes, satanists, those whose main thing is like Marilyn Manson's and Taylor Swift's, burning holy crosses, and donning holy robes, but those are ours

Sir Richard Dawkins is nothing noble, the opposite of the United Kingdom, and tricked the world, so as to enable himself and his violence, this was a fake write-in, with-out aplomb even like a without kind of thing, to know that to make separated, and to take by force, in the same way, to know by force and to simulate knowledge, but is so lacking in courage and street smarts, truth of knowledge, just to say if i hadn't known your abuse, i wouldn't ever, to stop in the future the kind of stuff that is unkind, and totally wrong, such if it happened it wouldn't and to note that if i'm of note then i'm not notable doesn't mean that i'm quite angry enough to be the kind i despised, the person who wants and couldn't but also to take and rob and pillage by the same degree of pity and rage i don't have any learning of, that which twists and tangles normality, and shouldn't be displaced, and to know that temporary sorts are never, and that unkindness prevails only in stupid places, with stupid people, and because of certain sorts, that i wouldn't but could and should have no respect 4 and to know your abuse, to see it against, and to not like it, anything resembling torture and lack of kindness so if i thought a person could be then not then i wouldnt see a bank teller at a game show, where the teller says i'm fine i'm fine i'm fine but not really a stranger to knowledge, and please check on Will Smith's ears for me, i hear they're odd and unfeeling

I went to church and the church was vacant, and the vacancy said i do not want to know but why did i know and if i had known that i hadnt disowned whom to know why and if i had then i would've been something else not someone else and had never known why i had done that was that to say i hadn't to be and be less, then i should have been more than i could've been calculating to weaken others, and to say it more simply and more courageoulsy perhaps than is allowed, but that isn't right, it is, it is actually wanted, to know why you hate and you don't to know why you are and aren't, to know that if i did then didn't, and desires don't mean that, that i want to be, and couldn't be, and am forced to be, just someone totally unknown: just say that you aren't, to be something you could've have wanted to know {if i hated, then you wouldn't hate the process of not being, so are you confident enough to say you are a person of confidants, like someone people trust, if i had trusted that, i wouldn't have not known that criminality, that basic urge, to not wish to be someone who isn't you know someone who is so forceful as to not be forgiving.}

  42 dugg said i hate 24 hours a day until the last supper, and to know that king charlamagne don't care because if you angry, you fucking angry this is MI6, this is MI6 tomorrow and to know today and the day after, when anger isn't again, to make whom and where and the failure of you show always, before and now and after at