Sometimes I think that Taylor is a little bit terrifying, that she can find you in a crowd, and give you something special: a code to a password, that she is not a person to toy with, seriously, because if you seriously toy with her, her friends, her moneys, her heart, her friend in high places enabling her, this can be something actualized and unconditionally so. As such, people aren’t afraid anymore of big bad wolves, because she is one, a monster lurking around the innocent victims: and someone who can and indeed will make you do things you don’t wanna do, perhaps to make money, you think? Money lasts only so long, it is something you won’t have, but worse it is a gateway to corruption and political violence and people without money are very few nowadays people who can’t mistake reality with fantasy, but clearly know which is which, people who cannot help you in times of extreme distress, like when Taylor made Marilyn cry once at a show, and that’s terrifying, not what I can do for her, as her music is cold. I think that she scares you too, but you don’t know, and that she isn’t really a person of much fun, more like a person who likes to have fun, and will do so!

If you don’t comply with the mastery of the subject you say have, will you know why Amy Winehouse is a cabaret singer

Because if you don’t listen to these monsters, then you’ll be misled

I do not like a person who hates, no matter she will get revenge, probably laugh with you too

If someone hates you, do you hate them more, and is hatred boring or exciting, and which people do you wanna be - kind or Not.

I think Taylor is responsible for a lot of tragedies

Me! Is a song about her, not you, and you think it’s about you, an anthem for herself, to be glorified and almost-deified

I am strong, not weak, and can tell that you want to be strong, but violence isn’t the answer, nor is unkindness and madness

Kanye is not a toy, either, so please don’t

I am moving! To another site? Another writer

Writers who write about hatred are not victims of hatred, so for more information.