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bianca isn't blanca, she's blackish, and is a threat to me, currently, j/k

i like nuns, but more i like to kill, i like to kill the devil, it's fun for me, i'm a good guy, one of them, many

so when bianca was brutally hurt, by people who like doing that sort of stuff, did you cry a lot? was it painful, remorseful much?

i don't think people realize how stupid you are, satanists. there is nothing alive about you, so you are just swiftys and mansons, fbi agents so to speak.

when fbi special agent shiva taghdis completed her studies, how many women did she hurt

and how much can a woman hurt another? it's this sort of thing, this hatred of others - those who are better

and are bettered through good guys and sam goody, both places, not stores, and places like kfc, not popeyes, need their chicken wings to fly

This is MI6's Mina