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like if you ask

do you want to ask any questions? i'm here to talk and listen, unlike them, your parents didn't understand you, but i'll try? no, that's theirs; they are abusers, who deny abuse-victims, so like Taylor Swift, no thanks

don't make men out of girls, and women out of boys, you perverts, LIARS

love isn't a drug nor is it a commodity, as I've shown, so scary you are , uninteresting and dangerous, unlike those who care and want peace worldwide not retribution and don't manipulate gymnasts and angelina and maddox, the salient cases prove you are corrupt imo, and yes the world is free not pricey, so why are you so icy, icy, and you need to be nicer to your parents, and you to yours, it's embarassing to me how poorly you treat innocent people, the children of the world, FREE EVAN RACHEL WOOD OR MARILYN, HIS BEST FRIEND OR AMBER HEARD? free those innocent men and boys you've tortured who don't know your names? who aren't you today? can you answer or will you stay tight-lipped? will taylor swift be held liable criminally because i know