was one of the wers.

I lost my way to the way out of wers website thing ever

And it was.

And so shall it have been.

This is a warning to abusive.

Do not get near a folding telephone, yours rings "hello. it's gaven, and I'm not scary, but terrifying."

Anyway to harm, whom?

You can visit a harmless person's, to get a good idea of what's going on.

Is the person involved really involved, and to what extent? (Any connection to BLM?)

This would suggest, no, I would say probably a bit, but even that's a stretch it's probably best to say SHANS (Stay-home aggressive neutralized suppressed)

Yea, man, I got word of this webpage thing, first of all great job last night, the family they really enjoyed that, but yes this writing is really good, like really, it's important to take a look, just when you get a chance, let Denise give you the link

I got a new page at door an it say that America British BBC is news it's pretty it had colors

I visited a home like that honestly I think it's the same/Did the other guy get anything, that's what I'm worried about

I please know/I did not know/When and where and why kind of thing - It's kind of dark/Yea man/Dark yea some of this stuff is just evil, /My God

I hated him

So tell me what's going on

Did I are you free a couple moments

Like I don't want to alarm you or anything i think i stepped into another vortex

This work writer i don't really know and why there are so few kind/So it's like Stevenson/No, more like Poe, mixed with just let give you the link/Before I send that over, is the other guy still there/Yea, so this is like the/Yea, let me just 4042 it/Great, thanks/Now, is this/What is this/Like a Wordpress thing

Hey dude/Look/I/I just can't anymore/Yea man, be careful

Hey man/WTF/Listen, things they ain't always seemin right

It's the same/Yea,/Is it before and after/Yes, still, kinda/Did any ~thing/Not/I just said it could have been that first, the trick, reviewed/It didn't happen that way though/It just happened oppositely/No, not particularly/It happened with the first/I'd say it could be a dark thing, too, not really be what it could have been/I don't think so, Jar, it really didn't happen that way/So what way then/Give me something to work with here (Tell me something good, Ida, Just don't mess up the,. hey get the 

 when i say pussy you say irvine when i say genius you say irvine i hate you this on God i gave you final warning letters a Re university of california