Israeli Airstrike Hits Greek Orthodox Church Compound in Gaza City (New York Times, October 20, 2023 Original Publishing Date)

Anyway, airstrikes are extremely precise nowadays, almost startlingly! 

This is a Holy place, where they allowed all religions to pray for help and safety, and don't kill! I hate people who kill people, it is so Ungodly, so against Godliness. It is a terrorist event, perpetratred by terrrorists, Who the United States will fight against and will not support, HAIMSTERS! When you try to kill God, you are dead inside, basically fools for the Devil, not people who love Hope, Spirituality, Togetherness, and Sanctity, Self-Preservation, Hopefulness; True Power is In God, who destroys, not you. God wins, as always, but fools we are not, not easily tricked by the Devil, as proven historically on Earth, and spiritually, soulfully, artistically, fully, powerfully, Godly

Please don't get upset! Don't hurt others! God loves and forgives, but only as much as you are worth, and God is worth everything to You, so don't deny, cry for Him, because Suffering is Godly, but Hurting isn't, so I will Stay Godly, peaceful and against hurting anyone! Peace in the Middle East, yo! Godliness, not weirdness, and God is eternal (!