let's start here

the samsung letters were written from fbi with a masked e-mail address, and were sexual in nature, and blame-shifted

it is real fbi, as noted by my discovery of Shiva Taghdis from University of California, Irvine, as she has worked on several FBI cases

The police officers were and are and will be condoned by Governor Gavin Newsom, who is personally persecuting me, and this was an attempt not at "sextortion" not at "catfishing" not an obsessed stalker, like Gavin Newsom, but a violent attempt to sex traffic me and my father, too, who was tortured and is continuously threatened, and attacked in the most racist means, it is a dual kind of attack

Propagated for pop star your darling your politican Taylor Swift, and her team, all not to blame-shift, all individually responsible and cumulatively with big corporations like Capital One, UPS, Starbucks, University of Calfifornia, CVS Pharmacy, California Medical and Veterinary Boards (state-run), American Psychological Association, 

There is a lot more to say a lot more videos, but it's kind of constructed that I don't become a hero

that I don't say i should fuck taylor swift up and fucking pillage her

FBI worked to kill Evan Rachel Wood, and sex traffic her, directly, with their entity Marilyn Manson, a sexual tyrannical group of Satanists, who represent violence and misogyny and rape

They fabricated everything; it's parallel, as Michelle Langer is a real FBI agent and this was a similar coverup

but i found out so much more this rape i will get revenge for i will not sit around i will not be a vegetable i will not be harmed i will not be harmless i will harm you for harming me and mine i will let you know directly that i do not tolerate abuse

again if you forgot no contact too late STOP GROSS ONGOING ABUSE if you need a contact it's your ally? MI6 

stop being weird

I do not tolerate abuse ; and I do not tolerate abusers, and I specifically can't tolerate bullshit I hate bullshit I hate you Lilit Pogosian MD for cooperating with money payments, with everyone involved, to literally kidnap me, and torturing me, as others are overseas in secret CIA black sites

This was extremely violent and terrifying, and is not "sextortion" I am not a child, this is a literal kidnapping attempt to force into a Nexium-sort of Slavery (NXVIII) it is not a joke i do not joke around about this stuff, I am not stupid; sextortion is about money, i never was contacted, not failed "sextortion" it was extreme and violent, and this is documented, as no FBI involvement has been had yet officially, so it is not their work with the UK to pinpoint this, and this is a joint operation between me and the United Kingdom Police, particularly MI6 (not James Bond, not a joke, but an agency personally affected by Taylor Swift)

No contact was had with these people, who were individually conacted, so no further abuse in that vein is tolerated, do not contact - it is too late you gaslighting bitches

I am not stupid, I am a genius - I will not tolerate further racism this is an extreme 

and to that extreme, I remember that Elijah Muhammad was Muslim and is Islamic and he was and will be similar to me and my movement, against White Lives Matter, because Black Power bitch seriously Black Power, Black Out the White-outs

it's a little complicated

rainn has the documents, and cair does too, and ronan farrow is the media representative and the one doing the hard stuff and MI6 is the real boss, i'm just humble

UC Irvine's block of my access to the university was so long ago, took so long to recover from, and I always wonder how their 11 grouped Islamic Women ended up, where and how if they were kicked out for whom and why and if the abuse was tolerated - it's documented elsewhere

i am not you, a fake mask wearer, hijabs and you can ask cair and rainn 

this isn't news to you, you are the opposition to the United Kingdom; I'm an important civil rights leader, leader of a silent movement

this is a little messy, it's talked about elsewhere (sites aren't down, i just made them private because I was forced to by Dale Hoskins a scary frightening abuser and cia torturer)

I have information that can change the world and will I work so hard so hard for world peace, the current civil rights leader in the world, thank you 

no blame-shifting ongoing abusers it isn ot a sudden thing it's been since Saturday 9/15/2001 it's all rape

all this toilet paper, trying to do anal rape the race no you fucking weirdos feeding hummus to women's asses fuck u terrorists, bleeding a guy, to be straight, a virgin again, to fuck virgins in heaven, scary alcoholic narcissists, the first time is again girls, you are not women, crying much without no tissues