i am not alllowed near my house is yet my home yet your house pout and pill yourself is it yet my anger that isn't yours put it in the air and don't care i don't have a care to give is that you caringess put it in your head and aim it at your detective is it your private of my dick that is not yet your ruler is my sexuality straightened then don't give my blood to a cunt and don't ask me for your sample it is your urine to drink if you do not allow my anger, then i will not pout and cry like your dick tracy is it yet enough to talk shit on your microphone of another was it your awful dog to be barked and your cat to be skinned i had yet a dollar to part with your part is yet told that i do no tell i don't tell you i am gay is it your happy day smoke a blunt and dance in your grave is it your stupid little angry man is yet pouted is yet noise is it more than your little boy is it your old lady is it your old m an dead on the floor is it less than my anger then you will not have of it only of is yet had and it is yet had that i had not yet allowed it in my head is your heart then give my damages is it my liquidator that i estate is not mine then don't touch my throne is it yet your little part of a bitch that cannot be bled on your first trimester and it isn't your semlance of hatred is your severance of head do as i say then don't do as i do and i had yet to give is yet to take out of my head for your heart is not money is it your dog is it your cat that i had in his hand is it a dead puppy cry on your dead   lizard is it slimy that you had not yet parted in your green lovered is it only your hatred that you wanted of and i haunted you forever for that i put you in handcuffs and arrested you to my bitching and my moaning is it your dog to give birth to a cat that doesn't have a kitten in its litterbox and your stupid little fucking donkey is not a part of your touch is it yet your hand on my grace put it away of your kitrty is it yet meowed of mine i do not doggedly pursue kitty noises to become your dark site playlist of schoice is it meow that I had yet pujt your dog in my cage you had freed a little bird of annie lennox is your bareness yet shown of youre body is not my spirit.

i found taylor swift i found taylor's bitch i found taylor out

it's my work it's my work it's my work i did it it's not that not with money it took so much work hours and hours and hours of pain and pain thank God for it

it's my work alone against the entirety of the cia and fbi and presidents and leaders  and racist country

i did it! so long it paid off

my money is taken, but i'm not - TO YOU!

study patiently it's hard work start at taylorswift.CM understand it clearly it is my work hard and souly wholly my own isn't fun not work remember it's mina's version the right way i did it

it seems suspicious but it isn't. i'm actually suspicious but i'm not, and it's weird like everyone is not answering me i thought good things were ahead and now i think they are with numerous agencies and governmental officials choosing to fight for justice and against injustice yet no one has answered me and no one will 

it doesn[

hezbollah a group of terrorists is not yet discussed is based in your terror cell has problems with money looks for victims and is violent has a history of torture looks high and low for torture victims is racist violently sues its victims looks for loopholes and is of course a violently tinged group yet aroused is it of its nature, taken to anger and malice, yet more than that hezbollah is violently rapist it takes by force and injures israelies for no reason has a history antisemitism and uses islamophobia to become a terror network; this terrorist is yet discussed, his nature not revealed, only in parts, as the leading candidate for your presidency is not yet open-minded only angry old and violent he takes his part in terror to heart; this person is not the really kind of funny joe biden it is not only violent and terrifying it is to harm and injure not only ban islamics but take them for parts it is not my sale to have only to know that you are a terrorist country used often is your partner in crime it is not only your racist culture it is more torture-oriented you had your opportunity to better yourself as a cull of a party that is already present and your nature is violent antisemitic racist and most of all very anti for your party's participation had you not understood it to be terroristic then of your it is your doing anger and that's why you become angry, you have injured many children using that pretext "habel" "he is habel" that is a racist term used in your oft-dictionary and i do not adhere to racism, take yourself out of your pretext

it's yay luck it's a lot of fun time let's go let's dance and let's play spade let's rhyme and drink and i'm a victim i can help you out; it is not yet known your racist torture history and your condemnation of such is well-noted nor are you victimized hypnotize me perhaps not than you can hypnotize yourself and please yourself to my happiness enjoy it is your sadness you do not hypnotize or narcisisstically abuse rather for the benefit of youreslf let alone the torture of another and your fingertips type away enjoy it's fun you're a victim it's all about him drinking tonight and her dance is so smart ; it is so different and you enjoy it be honest you enjoy it it's more fun than easy and hard then you had only your part of fun and it's property of you it's just your agreement put it down i do not allow your friend is yet your part it is not only yet that you are not that person to discuss and I strictly do not allow your torture and your technological verbal word math genius it is not how i do business let alone have fun iti s yet your fun at your expense of another, do not try the person to be tried

you are a fucking weirdo and you need help it is not my help to give you and i am not your little bit too much and I don't like your violence and I don't like your pacifism it is not about not quieting my voice it is aggressive and you and your stupid and I don't like it

disgusting is not even a word to describe your behaviours


I had not yet.mov