people who hate are really funny, like i asked my mum why a person eats donuts, in the first place, and she said i don't have a reason, and i suggested if not knew the reason was that they are breakfast staples, so you go to krispy kreme, at mcdonalds, illegitamtely like at new amazon fresh, and ask can i have a glazed, and they say i am not interested in serving you, but will order you to have your glazed donut, known as the krispy kreme original, hot and always fresh, but it's extremely sticky, so hot and sticky {i do not want a hot donut}{{i wanted a piece of a donut, like a bite of a donut, but only the unglazed donut hole}}{{{and it's there, available, the treat, but not sweet}

This is an exploration of abuser, and why they abuse, and the note of a military strategy the preemptive defeat letter {{{and to know this monster is always necessarily}}}{{to know without reason}{this reason, anger is common to know your abuse so if you hate another then you wouldn't hate yourself-kind, is not mutual}

gross sorts want to have what's not theirs {so abuse is theirs}{{so abuse isn't ours}}{{{to hate is to be disgusted, as i am so disgusted with this place, they brought the grossest people to sexually abuse my body, at a distance, to feel good themselves, and leaving me to die, so gross so unfortunate and most of all remnants of slave torture, like go grab that tool and be gone}

if he knew how to abuse, you would too so disgusting you fabricated a hatred to know you aren't kind but always angry people who wanted to say i was scared but i wasn't and isn't to say i'm a gone country but i'm not to not know you to know your stupidity is to experience rape and it was an experience showing you to other(s)s with kindness and humor, jolly sorts aren't cool at all, and people who take Father Christmas to make Santa a thing of abuse for stupid -kids, then I do not fuck with Duterete and his fear assessment team, who said you're scared and awfully fake to no end {people who scare}{{people who terrify}{{are terrorists}}}{{i am not your terrorist}}{that's your definition to be known to scared people}