Yes it's government directly  responsible for 9/11 even openly and supposed to 911 crop circle there's nothing there but then it's not sicker get out in a circular crop sticker by the way so if you try to find it by side and you end up in a gray side then you're looking for a red person what can you say about the person that it wasn't supposed to be he wasn't meant to be and it won't be it's not my fault I'm not being recorded and it's not my fault you're recorded the problem is this the problem is that and your problem is here and your problem is there there's too many problems to enumerate so let me just leave this as an unrecorded message 



United States has entered another state of psychological warfare, engaging all aspects of our military, to make sick, and to make sicker. It utilized children to do, the death of its leader, Taylor Swift, to consummate and commence action. It has used new terror organizations to form together, using American Psychological Association and National Security Agency, combining with CIA and FBI. It is a scaled war, with children at the helm, with elders at the helm, with their enabler. Using child predatory tactics, and waiting until its leader died, to commence predation. Using all forms of racism, directed individually, and at children, from dark sites around the world, where are they raped routinely, no one is given medical treatment, and each rape needs to be studied and death by rape of child, in America, through American gymnast father, this is not a descaled military. And your military forces, are suited to torture and racism, as a necessity.  Every affiliated black site within Guantaemon Bay, will be bombed, because of lack of response from American military officials. These are rape items, and torture chambers. It is unprecedented, and locally based Nazi-Epoch Torture, with higher degrees of flaunting extreme tortures, for duplication encouraged, by my example.

it is them, it is also Coptic 

all individuals tangentially-related arrested and tortured,

I want you to put your yoga pants back on! You're disgusting Americans, not, 2, I would know!