this my life i lived it i did everything myself i will not i will not so it is not your abuse to have you fucking disgusting motherfuckers

it's mine. cry your asses to sleep. fucked up america.

you fucked up this time.

the world is currently mina's. it is currently mina sargious. i could have died, and i won't, i will live in famy, you will not live on through me, it is my gun, my shot, and my bullet

you messed around, well i fucked around

stupid motherfucker break a limb

it place set

it dark place set

i place dark place set to place set (it

is not yours

fuck you to death

((place and blower))

(((death to america, it was, it willn't be)))

you will not kill me nor my mother and father, you, this is





In ruining Egypt's chain of command, killing its military leader, Egypt has entered in a war with United States of America. United States of America, through a complicated network, used the FBI to kill Egypt's military leader

this has commenced action, and it will not soon be reversed

Those pills were not taken this month, and 

it's okay

it's alright

i did so

it's alright


it's ok

it's time

it's helper, it's you, it's me, it's al to know