I think people are weird and people are really weird and people are so strange to me because they are scared of who they really are, which is the Opposite of Me


I saw someone watching this in the back (who didn't do anything!)

Chat transcript for case: 0-1584000035502

Oct 31, 7:09 AM (Pacific Time)

7:09:35 AM mina s a r g i o u s: mina s a r g i o u s joined the conversation

7:09:36 AM Lili: Lili joined the conversation

7:09:40 AM Lili: Welcome! Your Case ID is 0-1584000035502. Refer to this if you need to contact us again.

7:09:58 AM mina s a r g i o u s: Hi, Lili! LOL

7:12:16 AM Lili: Hi. Thanks for being a Google One member. This is Lili from the Google One support team. How are you today?

7:12:59 AM mina s a r g i o u s: I'm doing very well. Thank you. Please let me know if there is something else you need to know. Review of Lilit Pogosian MD I need to know why my review isn't showing. If it is because of a link, I think the link is very important and should stay up, and it is not an ad; it is a medical YouTube video. I also need to know why I can't see it here, and I want to be sure it is never removed because it is critically important and very, very, very significant

7:13:53 AM Lili: Thanks for providing more details. 

7:14:06 AM mina s a r g i o u s: Thank you!

7:14:10 AM Lili: Just to make sure, may I know if this review is for a Youtube video?

7:14:30 AM mina s a r g i o u s: This is for a Medical Professional named Lilit Pogosian MD

7:15:20 AM Lili: May I know where did you leave the review? 

7:15:42 AM mina s a r g i o u s: I posted it to Google Reviews

7:19:01 AM Lili: Thanks for the information. I understand that you need help with Google Reviews. Let us work on this together. 

7:19:08 AM Lili: For authentication purposes, are we working with the email minasargious@gmail.com?

7:19:24 AM mina s a r g i o u s: Yes

7:20:12 AM Lili: Thanks for confirming your email.

7:20:34 AM mina s a r g i o u s: Thanx

7:21:26 AM Lili: From what I can see here, this is supposed to be handled by Google Business Profile team. I am from Google One and this is outside of our cope of support.

7:22:16 AM Lili: Let me get their contact link.

7:22:30 AM mina s a r g i o u s: I will get you some help from them latr. I hope you have a great evening and please let me know if you find out anymore about this review. 

7:22:54 AM Lili: Here is the contact link:


7:23:13 AM mina s a r g i o u s: I hope you have a great evening! 

7:23:55 AM Lili: Thank you for understanding. Hope this will get sorted out soon. 

7:24:02 AM Lili: You have been an excellent customer to work with. I will be sending you a follow-up email after we end the chat. I would love to help out if you have more concerns with Google One. Would there be anything else? 

7:26:21 AM Lili: May I know if you’re still there?

7:27:21 AM Lili: You’ve been pretty quiet. Let us know if you'd like to continue this chat session. We appreciate your response.

7:28:20 AM Lili: We’ll close this chat now. If you’d like to get in contact with us again, feel free to start another chat. Thank you for contacting Google Support.

7:28:20 AM Lili: Lili ended the conversation