I love Byron Crawford's blog. He's always got some funny and sarcastic thing to say about some rapper. 

Dan Auerbach (Black Keys) 

I’m not sure what led to the dissolution of his relationship with Kanye’s mother. I really would have asked her (I have her email address), but she’s been dead since 2007. The fact that Kanye’s father was once a marriage counselor in a church makes me suspect that he’s an epic manwhore, and that would help explain Kanye’s obsession with pr0n. Guys with a few failed marriages under their belt pursue marriage counseling as a career because they’ve had a lot of experience being in relationships; and it’s a well-known fact that guys who are in leadership positions in a church get a lot of pussy thrown at them by female parishioners.

If I actually believed anything that was ever said in a church, and if attractive women went to black churches (I don’t know if a black man can become a leader of a white church, which is probably for the best), I might consider becoming a leader of a church myself, if only to have a system in which pussy is delivered to me, so I wouldn’t have to sweat trying to procure it by some other means. 

Byron Crawford ("Let's Hunt and Kill Kanye West's Mother")

shania twain is not the one for me

but i do know that stealing dreams is scary

you are so very frightening

and i know you don't mean well

and stop pretending

and stop being evil