Ron Desantis and Gavin Newsom are Klansmen

their actions and behaviors, this is the worst rape imaginable; they are trying to take my speaking language, to make words longer and change meaning, it is the literal meaning of langauge rape, and they are doing it actively

these are active threats, and active rapists; I listened to my own recording, and it is terrifying and they want words to change meaning

they will need to be stopped immediately and analyzed for how who they know and have hired

Lilit Pogosian MD functioned similarly, and brought me to her Pasadenan office, and she has ties to White Nationalism, to rape similarly, and needs to be immediately analyzed for similar connections

this is a localized attack, a rape, vocally, and based in racism, to usurp and rape

Speech pathologists will need to be contacted

when i said "beautiful oratory voice"

they will need to silence and all interacted

Ron Desantis apparently has an autistic child with a doctor or doctors, who will need to be silenced

that is not speech language therapy that is rape, and will need to be counteracted, and generally sought as he is a racist, and she is a Klanswoman

Terrorists - Tuesday at 8-06 AM.m4a

there is also an attack on the vocality of HAIM, who are interacting with me, not with stalkers, like those involved, and this is involves literal physical rape

they is not HAIM, you stupid ignorant white trash nigger(s)s who like hatred and not __, and this kind of stuff was supposed to be pure, but you impurified it for racists, to steal, Yiddish tones are not to be combined with Arabic tones?

Ron Desantis's autistic child: "do you know hate so much hate that hate nigger(s)s who hate, and who hate because nigger(s)s hate, and niggerish doesn't mean nigger(s)s."

she will need to be quieted until completed

Why does Ron DeSantis's voice sound baritoned and why do his lips look that way?

he is a Klansman and her a Klanswoman, and she can and will be seen by a normal language therapist

this is Alana on Jimmy Kimmel, so it is possible and a possibility that this person who abhors is a person who isn't Jimmy Kimmel, but a hater of Kimmels, like Sarah? hi Ms. Silverman, they're gross

not discussed enough is antisemitism, that whole Kanye thing anti-antisemitism, to show antisemitic you all are so scary