Still at Camp Justice for how long? Camp Flog Gnaw and earthquakes at Yeezus? huh

stop manipulating children and academic knowledge, pedophile(s)s

you can click around they're just pictures, only the highlights, what they want you to see, so it's benign click the safe image (happens even with Ms. Souleye's kiddo pix)

torture vs killing torture is worse serial tortures are worse than serial killings

in combination

but when combined serial killer serial torturer

involving boy and girl

pregnancy and druggings and potential impact

torture of children bereaved in new ways?

youngest age defined per country-vicitm

sexual tortruing whom?such serial torture and serial killing of children ordered by not me, i didn't vote for that, the -american psychological association does not represent me in any way benefitting whom after paid to serial torture and serial killer children

American? or where?

involved impact overseas

MI6's Mina Mar 19 2024