I am Richard Moore I am scared shitless I am abused and scared I need help and I need it now I am in a location not known I was kidnapped by an armed gunman I was raped and tortured I will need an answer now I live in terrorist cell I will need that answer now I am at 445 43 and at 210320 I was placed here by force by an armed gunman and I will provide evidence to get me out of here this is urgent and crucial MI6 is compromised and also terrorized the site is vacant it is closed and in need of renovation 

1. It is cold

It is hot

It is very cold and 

It is hot to know

why you hated me

and why so

This was instituted by a person from another country who came on false pretense

and pretended to be someone from another country to help understand what was going on

and it will happen

it will happen now

http://kanyevultures.com has pictures of my being almost killed and no one is doing anything i need 24/7 protection and money here if needed a way out for them too and similar for them please work hard on this 

i can show you videos of several close calls with armed gunman in my house even and a psychiatrist and dark site its terrifying

this is a trick

they are tricky

it is scary

help us now

it is a double strangeness

it is what

it is who

it is how

it is two two

it is hatred

and terrifying, "so when"" ""when and how"" """and how is when"""

now, let's move, ""why"" and """why so"" 





Do not contact FBI nor CIA. you can try to see what happens fbi.gov cia.gov they're real places not dark enough yet scary