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It is not a war win without anger, I am the opposite of coddled drugged urging your drugging at the end to bloody you for your commitment to fear of me, i will not  get near those whom, I am and have opposed successfully, -americans

They did the Christian sound alteration that they do to gospel artists that induces vomit to appear like Taylor swift and Howard stern  it involved pedophile schools and churches and surveillance of temples and mosques, to steal any sign of hope, and rape for that hope out, not with yours doing so and your torture in this field is extreme with sexual assault against children at hidden "d a r k," sites, where rowling is raped" from attraction-retraction therapy  -america torture abroad here and there and birthed childrens there and recordings of those childbirths and child rapes replayed and studied, using current sexual torture active rape and torture combined using other to confuse and rape

Torture organizations are disgusting make me vomit to punishment's objective

being suffering is not a rape victim, watch out for fake victims and bile blood