Anthony, tell us when you got that letter that had a "fake bomb threat" "an evacuation order from campus" wtf, scary, it was sent at the time of the olympics, now i'm wondering were any male atheletes touched by nassar kinda looked for that kind so what coverups what's missing and simone worked so hard as a result are you going to compensate her for overexertion physical suffering enjoying her medals and celebrating them while the president at the time was financially awarded by her pain making them work so hard to comfort each other play doctor and get mocked to today not being told they are victims, is this real is this helping, sorta like now with us

the lead cia torturer who put grown men in diapers and retarded men in diapers and if was there witnessed sexual assaults, not sitting outside on a desk hired all the cia agents did background checks to make sure they align with her values the President's and she is a great web designer, something new something different, trans hiring is a way to mock "don't say" past, and all these leaders if you search were violently homophobic intolerant like Former United States President, George Bush's son, who like Hunter, could arise to lead the free world but an alcoholic who said he'd rather talk about girls than religion, is a serial killer, just like any, isn't kind, obviously had documents like we all have, and if they hired a serial killer they should have fired them, these are serial killers


Colton Underwood, the Bachelor, hates your floor routine Aly, but I was wondering if you're hiding something, because it seems like they're making you hide something, let it out Aly are you being hunted, people aren't ducks Animal Killers