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uh travis? kelce? who i haven't heard of before like most intelligent people uh is not communicative is very stupid like an animal she employed him as an abuser just like an animal uh we laugh at him in the real academic community uh he looks the dumb kids who fight? and he likes to kill for stronger purposes as a satanist like his enablers and enabled uh not even a dumb jock shockjock um yea this guy is too stupid to talk about they're all really dumb, he's just dumb

the purpose of this one is to hide of history of abuse with men, not abused of course, who tortured with her, and they're employed in that aspect

he responds to basic commands i guess so for the academics, try "hi, i am kin" ""i am not no"" """no more movingmovementing"""

the ones who like to cry to feel good sad girl movement is really doctor reply "i am good" ""i am goodly good to goods"""""strange are you, stranger and strangers 2"""

the nitpickers to clean sorts "i" ""ii"""""iii haha i am""""

Richard Hatch was indeed a hired person for Survivor to become popular he is a gay person and he is also a disgusting person who works with and for CBS Corporation and has a history of abuse strange behaviors and also a connection to Taylor Swift, as she is a government agent, hired directly by the FBI to hurt Mina Sargious, and also to help people like Richard Hatch to become famous millionaires, as an individual she has abused taken advantage of children women men people of color and also of herself, as she is not Taylor Swift, this individual is a conartist, representing the FBI, and has a history of abuse of others, representing a cult within the FBI's ranks, known as simply FBI, and this cult FBI has another cult within it, CIA, which is the FBI's agency for actions and performs them under false pretense, and also has a history of torture, so she works to torture for the CIA as an FBI agent, this work is very confidential to her, and she knows about it, because she debriefed many years ago, as an FBI had contacted directly to inform of her duties, while she was abused I wasn't this case of abuse has a long history, she started abusing me and then I ran away, that's her story, well it isn't true, in fact she is an abuser, who has worked with people in the APA as a patient and a psychiatrist who has a history of severe narcissism as such she has abused others as a psychiatrist working directly with the APA to enable abuse of children and also her abuse of others, namely one person who she hates, Kanye West, this individual was hired by the FBI and the APA to kill Kanye West, as she is a devil-worshipper someone known and enabled to kill with APA pharmaceuticals known better as drug corporations and she has done so with intent with purpose and with malice as she has a conditionary disorder and a discharge letter that she hides, knowingly, and for the purpose of harassment later, so if I had Taylor Swift in custody, I would say you are in trouble young lady and she isn't because she is an FBI agent, one who was hired many years ago almost the reason of psychopathy's enablement as she is a psychopath, one who represents satanism and war and sex and debauchery and everything you don't want your children to be, so she was known on the radar before as a psychopath and one who harms children she abused many children growing up and had a history of rape, in fact calling someone a rapist to feel emotions, that's when she became known as the psychopath of chief in the FBI's lounges, she is a dangerous person has no good properties and simply usurped somebody else's life as she did so she hurt many others even those you know and love, that's when she went too far, because she was torturing for fun for the purpose of murder and psychopathy's enablement worldwide in fact enjoying it as she did she also worked directly with FBI agents in places such as black sites, where she was a torturer, by proxy, of course, to torture children, she is played directly at places where children are to torture them and she enjoys it she is an abuser and known to authorities abroad and she has a history of horrid behaviors, beginning with and also knowingly torturing people in the church, people without the church, and those knowingly abusing the church are known to her, so she is an FBI agent, and a CIA property, and also she an APA psychiatrist, who is known to officials as a person of interest, to study how to hurt others, and she was studied throughout this time, by certain psychiatrists and researchers who said she is quite insane quite giddy and quite scary someone who can hurt another and another's so when she abused me Mina Sargious in particular she went hard on me employing an FBI agent to kill me by torture and also employing a person of interest to me to harm me directly so when that person came by she said are you Mina Sargious and how can I help you she was an FBI agent someone working to kill me with drugs I didn't need and she enjoyed it as well so her psychopathy is hers, to have, forever, and this won't change even half-jokingly Taylor Swift is known to be scary and you enjoyed it, so I won't let you enjoy me or the real Taylor Alison Swift, who is an abuse victim a friend of mine and the closest love I'll ever find, she is not an abuser, but an abuse victim not to be an amusement nor a diversionary distraction for personal causes and when she abused me she took advantage of her so many times hiding her hurting her and doing so without regard for anyone else who could have helped her and when I found out after diligent research that took years of abuse to understand she came to me and said I'm sorry I can't help you we have to abuse you so they employed UC Irvine to do so getting the person involved to win an election for him and also to abuse me further and hide what they were hiding that this university was known to authorities and people who could've over the years including me who went to the Dean of Students to complain about an abuser was turned into a victim called crazy nonstop well im not crazy abusive i'm crazy nice so your abuse is known as torture and will be marked as such and I will not allow abusive near me, so stay away from Us and Always stay away from the United Kingdom, where you are not welcome, because you've overstayed your welcome in America of your hatred and satanism, I am truly kind and not a deceitful person, so please do not try me nor anyone else I've helped over these years and do not subjugate me again any attempt to overthrow MI6/MI5 is noted at This is hard investigation employing so many beautiful agencies in the United Kingdom alone, agaisnt the United States and employing me directly a long time ago, so don't threaten me you are not to get close to me nor The Royals, who you've abused in the process as well, so next time which there won't be just keep that in mind

I am not a toy does not mean I am your toy