When's the new day? When do we start again? I think now. 

If it's right, then anew you'll start.

I'm nice, like i'm not not nice, i'm really like wondering if it's safe and how to make it a safer place,

these people are terrifying,


and it's super-obvious that it's hurting you too, so i'm wondering if the hurt is too much. i don't think my band-aid worked because the wound is not healing. otherwise, you'd heal, so i'll go on, and yes i don't look like leonardo da vinci capri italy, because if i did i want you to look like you

new years, eve, it's just another day, i approach it just as time's passage, so those resolutions "that you'll make and probably forget" most of which deal with food for some reason, it's how you feel, and live forever if you want to they've cloned dollie, so that's a hope, just a quiet prayer if you must, but one you'll say always to not be superstitious, to accept people as they are, some worse than you, some better, and learn how to distinguish the two to improve that faculty you're blessed to have. -Good happy morning, how many did we get, it'll be an old-fashioned round-up, self-sufficiency and inner strength, because you've had it hidden, you'll reveal it, kindly and with self-respect and urbanely 

remember, it's not your fault, it's theirs, and not everyone is at fault, and not everyone is abusive, but everyone is