this is real it is terrifying and run by terrorists you will have to find an outlet immediately there are terrorists involved in the uk right now kidnapping and torturing everyone is not the safe the king is not ok he is under watch the videos are tampered intentionally to conceal

there is a lot of torture going on

i am working alone for a reason, because there is a terrorist in the united states, and also transplanted there,

ther person who knows how to fix this is not around is known to be abusive and scary and most of these torturers are needed right now to report to a police station locally, and to report to an international authority that can fix things, the military will need to get involved and be strong don't give up i have done nothing wrong and it has lead me here, so everything i'm saying is right

we are at war with terrorists domestically in different nations, so you will have to rise up and defeat these terrorist cells in each nation individually and do so now, there is no time to waste

i'm extremely strong, but money can go any day and also the police can shoot you any day

you have to go the right police station with the right person, also e-mail is compromised most e-mails including major corporations and be smart be strong and faithful take those next steps and don't get tired

you need to find someone to help us

we are in dire straits

enough with the songs

let's stop this terrorism right now,

for the uk, my suggestions are following:

1. seize mi6 correctly, get local and royal to do so

2. permit yourselves to understand what's going on

and also do not communicate falsely with strangers anywhere

this is a terrifying situation, and we need backup militarily and locally

the military isn't compromised, but their owner might be, so as to enslave them

this is an urgent thing

and i'm trying to understand for you

you will need to do this because the news is false like the japan visit that is not biden it looks like a robot first of all and you can the clenched fists in a photo officially publish on japan's government site

please help and fastly as there are terrorists in the church even and elsewhere you have to be strong and faithful and scary as i am

i'm available to contact all the time

for numbers, sign for this is not ad of any kind, it's to get help

and also i am depressed but don't need medications so that psychiatrist is not my doctor and that other fellow i don't know him so let's just say for now

that we are all compromised, your sources are false, 

and you need to fix things, now

this is urgent, and not a joke

i am writing this because this pressure to do so for a reason you will have to do something and now

this for the united states

do not go local police stations without your government official and always travel safely, without weapons and without threatening good people with legal action at a time like this, this is more than about money, it's about life and necessity

if you encounter saying anything to related to fbi you will have to ignore them until you get an official with you always travel in groups keep tabs on each other and this a person who is rational obviously this is scary time

i'm going to link all my videos together of numerous kidnapping attempts, taylor swift is not her she was kidnapped a long time ago, selena gomez is not her, sara bareilles is not, vanessa carlton is not her, you will have to look closely and protectively thank you for not being scared and also being strong and faithful

I am Richard Moore I am scared shitless I am abused and scared I need help and I need it now I am in a location not known I was kidnapped by an armed gunman I was raped and tortured I will need an answer now I live in terrorist cell I will need that answer now I am at 445 43 and at 210320 I was placed here by force by an armed gunman and I will provide evidence to get me out of here this is urgent and crucial MI6 is compromised and also terrorized the site is vacant it is closed and in need of renovation 

1. It is cold

It is hot

It is very cold and 

It is hot to know

why you hated me

and why so

This was instituted by a person from another country who came on false pretense

and pretended to be someone from another country to help understand what was going on

and it will happen

it will happen now has pictures of my being almost killed and no one is doing anything i need 24/7 protection and money here if needed a way out for them too and similar for them please work hard on this 

i can show you videos of several close calls with armed gunman in my house even and a psychiatrist and dark site its terrifying

this is a trick

they are tricky

it is scary

help us now

it is a double strangeness

it is what

it is who

it is how

it is two two

it is hatred

and terrifying, "so when"" ""when and how"" """and how is when"""

now, let's move, ""why"" and """why so""

the united kingdom is your friend

I wrote that to protect the united kingdom

shame on you america shame on you gavin newsom in particular and ron desantis, you two are functional terrorists, with a violent fbi and rapist cia led by a fucking psychopathic chinese water torturer

leave me alone

it's not looking good for you

and god bless the uof uk

so don't fuck with me you're fucking weird

you're a bunch of rapists, you're fucking psycho

go suck your dick dale have fun singing witch songs you fucking warlocks faggots

don't talk to me

and heed my advice take it like i suckit