Lil' Uzi Vert is not the artist, it is Steve Serza, supfggtz, my only friend, you killed him a long time ago, writing from a locked ward, a mental institution, frequented by artists, whom are persecuted and stolen from, for the Jack Antonoffs of the world, free my boyz, free me, i'm not writing for a schizo woman-man group, and not a ii i group, _so know i am not white nor power, i am not autistic, these are retarded dirts, fucking american immigrants, not your land, and im not nativeamerican nor obsessed with botanicals nor botany, no star trek here

rashad wasef and his family will be killed right now, along with former treaters, immediate action is necessary, your staff will be sent to salt pit's corresponding, all university staff and students necessary action of murder, all citizens are subject to murder and this is such a severe war offender that all past military subject to enhanced interrogation

it's actually the worst thing that's happened in world history you are just unbelievably evil americans, disgusting, the staidums have to be shut down right now, are subject to bombings