if i fucked a brown girl in front of her ab i don't think it's stranger than fictino to fuck your father in front of your enablers' mother, so when you got Camp Justice, remember it's not that way it's a dead-end

the police department is not your friend. i am your friend. therefore, i am not your police department. this will end today. it's been told?./,?, , and with your hatred and also without the love of yours. it's been a ride.

we first met at a school party. it was just us.

then we had a baby. she was prettier than I could have known. thank you for being yours. it isn't an artificial agent waiting for you isn't a press 3 for love you had sex as a child a prettiness is your pettiness is your racism Ours? Not quite, unfortunately you have become you're artificals and lost all real officials with the people waiting for the call to end and a dial tone to your hatred it was funny i enjoyed her and i enjoyed you

it's a lot more complicated for me 

it's not about your blind brains

it's not about your dreams of happiness

it's more about why you're not scary and not scared.

i'm not scared because i'm a torture victim.

but i'm not a victim.

i'm a victim because i'm a victim's subject.

it's a quick-switch; you turn on your hatred, and choose your a broken accent and a broken house that was once a home, with a terorrist guide, guidlines have changed the people are the partner of your hatred, someone whom you've all along had'n a feeling, and an emotion with the person you've felt up and turned into you're a fucking black hater

-when i married nardine saad, it was weird, there was only a few there, only her sister and cousin, angie told me to tell christina that it was a lame party, and all the party long i wore your chain to celebrate your pain arg is you now there is none it's not me you are so vain and empty and weak and lacking in bone structure a pussy who ain't got no money empty backbone a bitch likes his emotionless ass fucked with a conditional parrent enjoying a lazy emotionless bonding times with men and women whom the thinktank of your hatred is your bother of the world lacking in emotions and looks a bitch for it

anyway, nardine got kidnapped by uci police i found her, crying on fucking another guy, and that' s why you can't get me becuase i'm her torture victim, it's different when you're raised well, and have a pussy that gets a licking from and not to {nah}{{nope}}{{{the person you want to beocme is your bleakness of spirit and feelingness of trapists to become you are the blood of my greed for your ugliness and when i fucked i took your money and you made a fucking puppet who claps her flat ass at a fucking white boys dick and aa blackened ugly ass his out when i say i torture i felt your pussy up}}} and have the information you need i am about to kilomitiopad and i need backup i'm not getting through to anyone lilit pogosian is a criminal and all individuals are not answering 

this is to force police action that is fake and alosa terrorists are not to be only to know their endings are not beginnings and hers isn't the right diagnosis and her involvement is noted

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in the biggest scariest thing ever dish network took over spectrum just to rape and toeture people so they were these agents in rhat home invasion it is so scary and i need protection legally and judicially and temporary amnesty for permanent residence is not yours nor to be had so the person is a home invasion robber learning more and poses an imminent detah risk to a bird, and that's not scary it is a word not investigated? it will happen necessarily, so dont shift blame to The Innocent

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