Your wives don't respect their children and their husbands don't protect their wives. And I've done that for the purpose of my wife, to be one the ruler of your violence.ar and your warrior is not mine please stay away from me and know that.

Terrorists are everywhere, strike first command obey full attack in every sector stupid or something?

All legal officials must be subject, to victim, shifted and abused for creating new terrorism, scaring us with your violents.

I am sitting on the chair for continuous long weeks, and I am completely naked. Very hungry. I feel frozen from the very cold weather. I almost get hallucinations because of the psychological nerves and body pressure … In addition to the sleep deprivation I feel that I’m really hallucinating. And then a woman immediately came in wearing very light clothing (like it was summer). She sat next to me and there were two men wearing very thick clothes (suitable for the north pole) … !! I didn’t move at all, not even to cover my genitals as it should be following the courtesy and religious beliefs, because really in the beginning I thought I was hallucinating. But when they talked to me … I covered my genitalia completely. I shouted to them: “At least give me something to cover my genitalia in front of that female … Don’t you feel ashamed of yourselves?” They only gave me a bucket of very cold water. And they poured it over my head. I couldn’t speak for a period of time due to the severe shivering in my mouth and lips, and all over my body. She stayed sitting, looking and staring, waiting for me to answer her first question. She was waiting a half hour without any answers, then she left and she was shaking with coldness and anger.

20210820141106927_20-827 United States of America v Zubaydah Amicus Brief.pdf

m.youtube.com/watch?v=A120jud0FNc this war, is not a war, of diseased

the "can I talk to your daddy, war on terror, is over, admit defeat! I cannot talk to your mommy, can I help you? the you being "a nonsensical entity, of your children's fancy, Taylor Swift." 

she is pussy i beat the pussy up not like that its important to know i stayed terrifying to the end scary as hell to americans, scared ill hold a teacup for your kids which colour is his favorite ill let his sister know

Military triages and not entry, terrorists

Your challenge is to be known, with your hospitals, torture not to rage, nor paranoia, to know you aren't, and you are. ! Do not,you and your rape, with torture affect present, all doctors their nurses now, to know it isn't their profession. All murderers of Joe Biden s mental health currently at the presidents office for extradition procedure

You are terrorists murdering my health and you need to consult with the president prior to anyorocedure contact Sabrina Singh I'll not get you the number, too late do not contact

Sweetheart, womanup, you're going to get tortured for murder and disobeying and you are horrific, respect me and my's, you dont scare us terrorists

Any current terrorist attempt would to know us attack on mine with the most violent outcomes, and with already noted attack done, and handled deftly, to shift hands of your air force today, to join our British armed  service.

Sunday at 10-31 PM.m4a